AstroLink 4 mini S red

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FocuserOne is a simple but flexible focusing motor controller. Can control unipolar, and bipolar motors, also with microstepping resolution.

Focusing motors are also available – low resolution for the microfocusing shaft and high resolution for the main focuser shaft. See the categories list on the right.

FocuserLink ( SALE !! ) is an elegant, integrated solution – stepper motor with 1:120 gearbox and electronics controller – all in one compact enclosure.

A wide selection of sensors is available for the AstroLink devices. See the categories list on the right. Make sure the device you selected supports the sensor types you want to use.

AstroLink 4 mini II is an advanced controller for astroimaging setup. This device has two focusing motor outputs, and a lot of other functionalities – see the comparison table below.

AstroLink 4 USB is another model of the advanced controller for astrophotography setups. It has an integrated USB3.0 hub with galvanic isolation, and many other functionalities – see the comparison table below.

AstroLink 4 Pi ( NEW !!! )is the first device in the AstroLink family that can operate standalone. Use a laptop or tablet with WiFi to connect to AstroLink 4 Pi and come back later to download captured frames.

AstroLink 4 Pi FocuserOne
AstroLink 4 PiAstroLink 4 mini IIAstroLink 4 USBFocuserOne
Size137 x 83 x 32 mm122 x 86 x 28 mm162 x 92 x 29 mm98x62x28mm
Focuser outputs1211
Microstepping supportyesyesyesyes
12V switchable outputs2330
12V permanent outputs1110
PWM regulated outputs2220
Adjustable voltage outputyesyesnono
5V outputnoyesyesno
Temperature sensor supportyesyesyesyes
Humidity sensor supportnoyesyesno
Sky temperature sensor supportnoyesyesno
Integrated USB hubnonoyes, USB3.0 no
Integrated OLED displaynononoyes
Control moderemotely (WiFi) with integrated Raspberry Pi module and astroberrry system with INDI driverfrom PC with ASCOM/INDI driverfrom PC with ASCOM/INDI driverfrom PC with ASCOM/INDI driver

3D printed articles

Another category is 3D printed astrophotography-related items. These articles are made with Impact PLA material, which is durable and can work in the temperature range -40 to +80 degrees Centigrade. Selection of ready articles is available, but there is also a special option: customer-designed elements may be printed and delivered to the client. So if you need a specific bracket, mounting plate or rail, guider, or finderscope rings – just contact us.