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AstroLink 4 family

AstroLink 4 device family

AstroLink 4.0 devices were designed and created to make astroimagers life easier. Currently, this family contains two members that have some common functionalities (focuser motor control, regulated PWM outputs, conditions monitoring, switchable outputs, advanced panel software with charts, compensation calculator, alert and protection) but also differ in some aspects.

3D printed articles

Another category is 3D printed astrophotography related items. These articles are made with Impact PLA material, that is durable and can work in temperature range -40 to +80 degrees Centigrade. Selection of ready articles is available, but there is also a special option: customer designed elements may be printed and delivered to the client. So if you need a specific bracket, mounting plate or rail, guider or finderscope rings – just contact us.

Samyang 135 imaging set
Samyang 135 imaging set with 3D printed elements
3D printed imaging accessories
3D printed imaging accessories

Product categories

More information about AstroLink device is available at dedicated page.