FocuserLink is the integrated and compact solution for telescope focusing. This small and lightweight enclosure contains both the stepper motor with the gearbox and an electronic controller of the motor. FocuserLink can be controlled and configured with dedicated software. Both ASCOM and INDI drivers are also available.

Temperature compensation is possible with an additional temperature and humidity sensor. Manual control is also possible with a manual hand controller (sold separately).

Key features of the FocuserLink device:

  • powered with 12V DC
  • control from the computer via USB B socket
  • stepper motor with 1:120 gearbox – 5760 steps per revolution
  • power consumption: less than 1W when idle, about 4W when rotating
  • build in power/status LED
  • temperature/humidity sensor socket
  • hand controller socket
  • dedicated software panel with additional features (compensation calculator, session charts)
  • ASCOM and INDI drivers available
  • dimensions: 60x60x50mm
  • weight: 290g

Latest software and downloads

AstroLink 4 mini SAstroLink 4 USBAstroLink 4 mini IIAstroLink 4 microFocuserOneFocuserLink
Panel application4. (v2 only)1.0.0
ASCOM driver1.
ASCOM driver #2N/A3.2.4 #2
Enclosure modelSTLSTL
OtherRotator driver
FTDI driversFTDI Virtual COM Port Drivers
CP210x driversSilicon Labs Virtual COM Port drivers