1:75 focusing motor with mounting plate and coupler

From 260.30 

Focusing motor complete mounting set. You need to select required options for mounting plate holes placement and for shaft coupler diameter.

Focusing cable
179.00  170.05 
Focusing motor brackets
Mount type
79.00  75.05 
Focuser shaft diameter
5.00  4.75 
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This set contains following products:

  • focusing stepper motor with 1:75 reduction and focusing cable
  • 3D printed mounting bracket (please select type – see below types description)
  • shaft coupler (please select focuser shaft diameter)
  • mounting screws

Mounting bracket types:

  • Type I – contains single 6.5mm wide slit that can be fixed to focuser using 6 or 5mm diameter screws (6mm stainless steel screws are included)
  • Type II – contains two 4.5mm wide slits separated by 18mm. This type can be mounted to focuser using 4 or 3mm diameter screws (4mm stainless steel screws are included)
  • Type III – contains several vertical slits 5.5mm wide
  • Type IV – custom holes/slits placement. Please provide required mounting holes placement in the comment or contact with me using contact form


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