AstroLink 4 mini II

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AstroLink 4 mini II has mostly the same features as AstroLink 4 mini S, but the enclosure is more compact and outputs are reorganized. Two focuser motor controllers, PWM heaters outputs, permanent and switchable DC outputs, hand control, temperature/humidity/sky temperature/sky brightness sensors support, regulated voltage output. All features are controlled via dedicated panel software or ASCOM driver. INDI driver is under development.

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AstroLink 4.0 mini II is many in one device that helps to keep astrophotography sessions under control. It is powered with a single voltage and controlled from a PC computer with a USB cable. AstroLink 4 mini II has mostly the same features as AstroLink 4 mini S, but in new, a smaller enclosure with some internal updates and with an extended number of outputs. It now uses the same sensors as AstroLink 4 USB, so they are more reliable, and also both sky temperature sensor and sky quality sensor can be connected.

AstroLink 4 mini II provides out of the box following functionalities:

  • two focuser motor outputs with support for unipolar and bipolar steppers. Microstepping up to 1/32 is available. Stepper current is adjustable from the software panel
  • focuser position control for Robofocus, Moonlite, or generic unipolar or bipolar stepper motor.
  • advanced temperature compensation with scripting support and compensation calculator
  • permanent focuser position – no need to park focuser after the session
  • 2 adjustable PWM power outputs to control dew heaters, telescope fans, or custom Peltier coolers. The maximum load is 40W per output
  • 3 switchable power outputs to power mount, cameras, or filter wheels. The maximum load is 5A per output
  • 1 permanent power output – 5A maximum load
  • 3-10V regulated output for powering DSLR or USB hub. The maximum continuous load is 1.6A, the maximum momentary load is 2.0A.
  • 5V regulated output (via USB port). The maximum continuous load is 1.6A, the maximum momentary load is 2.0A.
  • temperature/humidity sensors to monitor environmental conditions and calculate dew point. It is also used to automatic control od dew heaters
  • sky temperature sensor and sky brightness sensor can be connected
  • monitor voltage, current consumption, and total energy consumed during the session – useful when working in the field with a battery
  • user-defined alerts for voltages, current, energy, and temperature changes conditions
  • programmable overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • charts to present all collected session data visually, zoom and pan, save as image or export to CSV file

All these features are available to control from dedicated AstroLink panel software, but the device can be also controlled with 3rd party software using ASCOM interfaces. There are four ASCOM drivers installed with AstroLink that you can use in any 3rd party software during astrophotography sessions. INDI driver will be available soon. The device can be powered with a single voltage in the range 11-14V and can control 10A maximum continuous current.

Product page with more details and downloads

In the box:

  • AstroLink 4 mini II
  • XT60 female socket for custom power supply adaptation

Additional information

Weight 0.215 kg
Dimensions 12.2 × 8.6 × 2.8 cm

black, graphite, red

Regulated voltage [V]

3, 5, 7.6, 8, 9


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