AstroLink 4 USB

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AstroLink is now available with an integrated USB3.0 hub. The digital part power supply is galvanically isolated from the analog, and the data stream is opto-isolated as well. Out of the box focuser unipolar, bipolar, and microstepping control, regulated PWM outputs, switchable DC outputs, 5V regulated output,  overcurrent and overvoltage protection, temperature/humidity/sky temperature sensors – all in one box. Advanced panel software with ASCOM multidriver support to control all functions.

Please add 1-2 days to the lead time due to new enclosures manufacturing and the device final tests. 

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AstroLink 4 USB is an evolution of AstroLink 4 mini S. It is an answer to the most often raised requests and questions. Key differences between both versions are presented in the table below.

 AstroLink mini 4 SAstroLink 4 USB
Built-in microstepping controller noyes
Galvanically isolated power for digital partno yes
Opto-isolated digital inputnoyes
One permanent on DC outputnoyes
Regulated DC voltage outputyesno
Additional DC motor controlyesno
Integrated USB 3.0 hubnoyes

AstroLink 4 devices page with manuals and downloads

In the box:

  • AstroLink 4 USB device (black, graphite, or red)
  • XT60 female socket for custom power supply adaptation

Dedicated power supplies or cables can be purchased separately in recommended accessories.

And here are the key features of AstroLink 4 USB:

  • focuser motor control for Robofocus, Moonlite, or generic unipolar or bipolar stepper motor
  • 1/8 and 1/32 microstepping control with 1.5A maximum current
  • advanced temperature compensation with scripting support and compensation calculator
  • permanent focuser position – no need to park focuser after the session
  • 2 adjustable PWM power outputs to control dew heaters, telescope fans, or custom Peltier coolers. The maximum load is 40W per output
  • 3 switchable power outputs to power mount, cameras, or filter wheels. The maximum load is 5A per output
  • 1 additional permanent power output
  • 1 additional regulated 5V output (maximum load for connected USB devices and additional 5V output cannot exceed 3A). This output voltage is galvanically isolated from the input voltage.
  • XT60 high current input voltage socket
  • temperature/humidity/sky temperature/pressure sensors to monitor environmental conditions and calculate the dew point. It is also used to automatic control od dew heaters
  • monitor voltage, current consumption, and total energy consumed during the session – useful when working in the field with battery
  • user-defined alerts for voltages, current, energy, and temperature changes conditions
  • programmable overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • integrated USB 3.0 hub with galvanically isolated power supply (three outputs available)
  • opto-isolated USB 3.0 input


Additional information

Weight 0.215 kg
Dimensions 16.2 × 9.2 × 2.9 cm

black, graphite, red


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