Shipping is available to selected countries. Usually, it is covered with two options:

  • priority registered mail – less expensive, but longer. Tracking is available, although not always accurate and up-to-date
  • courier parcel service – more expensive, quicker, and usually with accurate tracking

Estimated shipping time is provided in working days for each option. This value is based on the data from the shipping provider, but also on our own observations. Most (like 90%) of all shipments are delivered within the given range, but occasionally it may take more or less time.

For priority registered mail shipping, there are delivery times given. According to the mail provider, 80% of the parcels are delivered in the first given period, and 97% are delivered within the second given period.

If there is no additional information available on the product page, then products in the stock are shipped within 1-3 working days. This additional lead time is required for enclosure printing, final assembly, some final tests, and review plus packing.

Some out-of-stock products can be backordered. In such cases production time is always provided.

Products out of stock that cannot be backordered have a note telling when they become available again.

If there is no shipping option available for your location please get in touch with us using the Contact page.

We reuse boxes, fillings, and string bags for packing – this way we want to protect the environment. It does not mean a lack of respect or courtesy to our customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Prices for UK, Canada, Canary Islands, and US shipping are calculated without tax as export prices.

Last update: 2024.02.03