AstroLink 4 devices

AstroLink 4 devices were designed and created to make astroimagers life easier. Currently, this family contains two members that have some common functionalities (focuser motor control, regulated PWM outputs, conditions monitoring, switchable outputs, advanced panel software with charts, compensation calculator, alert and protection) but also differ in some aspects.

Common functionalities covered by each family members are:

  • focuser motor output (unipolar and bipolar )
  • advanced temperature compensation with scripting support
  • 2x PWM regulated output to control dew/mirror heaters, fans (40W maximum power per output)
  • 3x 12V switchable on/off power output to control setup components (5A maximum current per output)
  • temperature and humidity sensors to monitor conditions and control regulated outputs
  • monitor voltage, current, and energy consumed
  • programmable overcurrent and overvoltage protection
  • charts, compensation calculator, alerts
  • ASCOM driver with multiple connections available (ASCOM Local Server)

If you look for simple focusing solution, please take a look at the FocuserOne device.

AstroLink 4 mini S

This is the first device in the family. Provides all the common functionalities, and additionally:

  • DC focuser motor control (compatible with SW motor focus)
  • 3-10V regulated voltage output (1.5A maximum current)
  • DHT22 humidity/temperature sensor
  • INDI driver

AstroLink 4 USB

This device is integrated with an active UBS3.0 hub. 3 ports are available. Provides all the common functionalities, and additionally:

  • integrated, active USB3.0 hub with 3 ports available
  • galvanic and optical isolation between the analog and digital parts
  • 5V regulated voltage output (3A maximum current combined with USB hub devices)
  • microstepping control of focuser motors
  • new sensors support (Sensiron and MLX sensors)
  • INDI driver is currently developed

Latest software and downloads

Key features and differences were presented in the table below.

FeatureAstroLink 4 mini SAstroLink 4 USB
Size145 x 92 x 28 mm 162 x 92 x 29 mm
Weight190 g215 g
Supply voltage11-14 V DC11-14 V DC
Power consumption< 1W< 2W
Focuser stepper outputDB9 unipolar, bipolarRJ12 unipolar, bipolar, microstepping
Focuser DC outputRJ9 4 pin, 1.2A maxnot available
SensorsDHT22 / DS1820 humidity and temperature sensorsSensiron SHT3x environmental sensors, MLX sensor
Integrated USB hubnot availableUSB3.0, 3 ports available, galvanic and optical isolation
Regulated PWM outputs2x RCA 0-100%, 40W max2x RCA 0-100%, 40W max
Switchable power outputs3 outputs DC 5.5/2.1mm, 5A max. single output3 outputs DC 5.5/2.1mm, 5A max. single output
12V permanent outputnot available1 output DC 5.5/2.1, 5A max.
Regulated voltage output1 output DC 5.5/2.1mm, 3-10V, 1.5A max. current (2.5A peak)1 output DC 5.5/2.1mm, 5V, 3A max (combined with USB outputs)
Dedicated panel softwareyesyes
ASCOM driveryes, multiple connections availableyes, multiple connections available
INDI driveryesdevelopment in progress

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